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VISA® Debit Cards

Debit cards give you worldwide access to your checking account and make carrying cash or your checkbook a thing of the past.



You must be a credit union member. You must have a checking account. If you are under the legal age, a parental signature is required.

Benefits to You:

You'll love the convenience of paying for purchases directly from funds in your checking account without the time consuming task of writing checks. Use your debit card anywhere VISA® is accepted. A debit card is safe and easy to use. You'll feel more secure carrying a debit card rather than cash and you can easily conduct transactions in person, over the phone or when making online purchases. You can use either the credit or debit option when making a purchase, but the credit option will save money on transaction fees. Foreign ATM based transactions will be charged $2.00 per transaction. There will be no fee if using an AllianceOne or CO-OP Network ATM.

Paying bills is easy when you set up your debit card to make recurring payments automatically.

Debit cards provide financial flexibility and control without costly finance charges. Keeping records of your purchases is easy with a detailed monthly statement. New debit cards are reissued every 5 years. If you need to replace your card before that, you may be subject to a $10.00 fee. There is no charge to replace a stolen card when a police report is obtained.

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