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Benefits To You


  • You’ll save money on your card with no annual fees and low interest rates.
  • No finance charges if your balance is paid in full within 25 days from your closing date. This applies to purchases only.
  • Your monthly payment is equal to 2% of your balance, with a minimum of $10.00.
  • Convenient loan access.
  • Make purchases and cash advances 24 hours a day, every day. Cash advances are available at the credit union office, other financial institutions, and worldwide through VISA® ATM Network. There is a 4.0% fee for each cash advance or a minimum of $5.00.
  • Easy record-keeping with detailed monthly statements.
  • You’ll automatically be covered with free travel accident insurance on VISA® Platinum when you use these cards to charge your travel expenses.
  • Your VISA® cards can make credit life & disability insurance available to you. 
  • You’ll feel more secure carrying credit cards than cash.
  • Offer financial flexibility and control.