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Roth IRAs

The best way to plan for your future.

There is no better time than right now to begin planning for your future. Start now for a successful retirement with a Roth (IRA) Retirement Account. The Roth IRA is funded with post tax contributions, so you can take advantage of more opportunities for tax free and penalty free distributions.

Benefits to You:

  • Choose between Roth IRA Savings Account or Roth IRA Certificate investment options to earn the highest market rates available.
  • Saving is easy when using payroll deduction, direct deposit or automatic ACH transfers. Contributions by mail are also accepted.
  • Dividends computed and deposited monthly.
  • Contribution limits can change and may be eligible for previous year's contributions. Visit for full details.
  • Both contributions and dividends can be withdrawn tax free and penalty free once Roth IRA has been established for 5 years and with a qualified reason.
  • Contribution can be made after reaching 70 ½ years of age with earned income.
  • Deposits made prior to April 15 eligible for previous years contributions.
  • Roll-over a Roth IRA to an INOVA Roth IRA within 60 days to maintain continued tax savings.
  • No annual maintenance fee on your investments and quarterly statements to monitor your earnings.
  • No penalty to close a Roth IRA if done within seven (7) days of receiving disclosures.



  • Credit Union membership is required.
  • Member must have earned income and meet income guidelines to contribute to a Roth IRA.